Almost there…

WorkThe furniture is finally in, but we’re slightly more excited by our sink and pantry area, as it means we are now able to wash our glasses (by hand, gently), which in turn means that we have started holding small tasting sessions. It’s very much what we’ve learnt from our winegrowers – there is a lot of work which remains unseen and unknown, but is absolutely essential to getting the right results.

FurnitureDid we mention furniture? It’s a match of pre-loved and new, running the gamut from wood (mostly hardwood, both tropical and temperate) to steel to polypropylene. The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice some empty shelves towards the back; those will be filled with something very special, with plenty of history. Even though our work area has been set up, we enjoy working under the skylight; natural light, even in the tropics, is wonderful. We urge all of you to visit us during the golden hour (dusk, not dawn) to experience it for yourselves. Have a taste of something new and special to fortify yourself before dinner. There are plenty of great restaurants within a literal stone’s throw of 64 Neil Road.

There are a few more things to be done – maps to be hung, grape genealogies to display, and all manners of surfaces to clean. But we are almost there, and we look forward to seeing all of you next weekend (30 Nov/1 Dec) at our pop-up bubbly bar.

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