We’re always adding to this page so do check in for new discoveries. Here are some sites which we visit when we have the time:

Wine Anorak – London-based Jamie Goode’s frequently updated site, very useful source of information.

Cellar Book – We really like Keith Levenberg’s blog as he doesn’t take himself (or wine) too seriously. Intelligent writing leavened with wit.

Oenologic – We don’t see Thor Iverson or his consort often, but every time it’s a real pleasure (and in a different city – Boston, Quechee, San Francisco, London and Hong Kong to date). Opinionated and always interesting.

A detour: for our London-based or -bound friends, we recommend leaving the city to dine at the Sportsman in Seasalter. If you have to stay within London, we’ve been hearing terrific things about Hedone, and we will be there sooner rather than later. The other restaurants we frequent have all been written up extensively and more persuasively elsewhere.

Art of Eating is a smart, well put together publication with a distinct and attractive philosophy. Do subscribe. The other food magazine we like a lot is Yannick Alleno’s YAM (in French),which has a more modernist slant. We don’t really read wine magazines for pleasure, although Le Rouge et Le Blanc come as close as any, with Porthos also useful (disclosure: YiXin has written for them before).