Our winegrowers:

The region

The vineyards of California stretch over an area and latitude nearly as large as France, so it should be no surprise that there has always been a corresponding diversity of wine styles. There are growers willing to experiment with lesser-known varieties, and winemakers equally eager to make distinctive and delicious wines. We are extremely honoured to represent eight outstanding wineries: Steve Edmunds, who has been crafting immaculately balanced, terroir-driven wines for three decades; Michael and Anne Dashe, with their thrilling interpretations of Zinfandel; the iconoclastic Cathy Corison and her Cabernets; Ehren Jordan, now ensconced at Failla, making low-key, high-quality Chardonnays and Pinots, and his new, Zinfandel-only project Day; new wave Birichino down in the Santa Cruz area; and the Terrizzi couple juggling the very different yet equally high-quality Broadside and Giornata wines.

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