A work in progress

 Triptych - Doors

New FloorBehind one of these doors, a new beginning. As with all our wines, it starts with the earth, or more accurately, the floor. It had previously been painted over with a ghastly grey epoxy, and so we stripped away the unnecessary ‘make-up’ and began the process of repair. Each layer of fresh cement, thinly applied, needs to settle and find its own equilibrium. Applied too hastily, the screed will be uneven and eventually crack. Monitoring the progress has been as exciting as watching logs burn (via Norwegian TV), so we are glad our wines have taught us the value of patience.

New Ceiling

We also needed to do some work to the ceiling above our cold room, which will be towards the back of the traditional (i.e. long) shophouse, between the airwell and rear courtyard. This area was typically used by the family during the day (sleeping quarters were upstairs), partitioned off by screens and away from the eyes of customers and business contacts. We’ve come to think of our wines as godchildren, and this was a logical place to let them mature in optimal conditions.

We will be posting more updates, and look forward to welcoming you to 64 Neil Road.

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