Like many of our winegrowers, we often demur when asked to pick a favourite wine from the new vintage. And just as many of them explain their reluctance by drawing an analogy between wines and children, we excuse ourselves by stretching the comparison: we treat these wines like our godchildren.

God cousins

While it would be silly and tiresome to detail every potential angle of such an analogy (e.g. the triangular nature of the relationships between parent, child and godparent), there is one facet which encapsulates our approach. Like godparents of an exceptional child, we are proud of every single wine we import, but cannot and do not take credit for its success. We just try to hold up our end of the bargain – understanding their individual quirks, treating them with care, and being honest with their parents when required.

We are very privileged to be working with a wonderful set of growers/parents, and to be able to see their new offspring every year.

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