Vincent Gaudry

To drink Vincent and Séverine’s Sancerres is to fall in love with wine all over again. Not the characterless, green Sancerres so loved in Paris, nor the tarted up, Kiwi-accented Sancerres found on shelves across Asia, and most definitely not the ‘prestige’ Sancerres which blight wine publications and blogs. The wines are unabashedly, nakedly honest, exemplary in a region filled with mediocre, pedestrian facsimiles.

So it’s a good thing that the love is requited – the 2011 Tournebride coos and makes all the other right noises, while the more grown up 2010 Melodie de Vieilles Vignes touches, soothes, and its sibling l’Esprit de Rudolf is even more tactile, caressing and caring. Then there’s the 2009 A Mi-Chemin, where words finally and always fail, just as they do when one is really in love.

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