May offering: Champagne rarities

2009 de Sousa Champagne Extra-Brut Grand Cru Cuvée Umami

Erick just can’t stop coming up with new cuvées – this time inspired by the notion of the fifth taste, i.e. umami, or savoriness. From the powerful 2009 vintage, this wine is most striking in the mouth, with multiple layers of flavour, rich texture and of course an indelible savoury aspect. Limited to 2 bottles per client, new arrival offer price of S$250+GST for the month of May.

NV Laherte Frères Coteaux Champenois Rouge «La Troisième Vie»

We’re not going to tell you which vintage of Aurélien’s Coteaux Champenois this is, but we can reveal that this is definitely the finest in our experience. It’s a single barrel (so there are fewer than 300 bottles in the world) selected from their reserve wine, and it is all Pinot Meunier in this bottling, with plenty of exotic spice and grilled, smoky fruit. A tightrope act in the mouth, of course, and a clean, mineral finish. Limited to 1 bottle per client, new arrival offer price of S$70+GST for the month of May.

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