Joe Dressner

He passed away yesterday. I remember my last phone conversation with him, when we discussed some of the Loire producers both of us imported into our respective markets. The last few e-mails we exchanged were short, simple and quite mundane. The last time we sat down for a meal was far too long ago; we had some good, honest food and wine.

Even the most sincere and touching eulogies can come across as incomplete and flat, and the richness of Joe’s life makes it practically impossible to do him justice with words alone. I can only write that we wouldn’t be where we are without him, and others like him.

Thank you, Joe, and rest in peace.

Note: Joe Dressner founded Louis/Dressner Selections with his wife, Denyse Louis, and they were amongst the first importers to focus on authentic, honest wines rather than big brands in the US. Their son, Jules, has written about him as only a son could.

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