Majulah Singapura!

Why This Restaurant

Week 1: Candlenut
Week 2: Morsels
Week 3: The Naked Finn
Week 4: Immigrants

This August, we are thrilled to be collaborating with four locally-owned, homegrown restaurants to showcase the very best of what Singapore has to offer in food and wine. Each week, we will be featuring a distinctly Singaporean restaurant, explaining what we love about their food and which wines to order. We will also be pouring our wines every Wednesday at the restaurant of the week, explaining just how and why the wines pair with the food.

Naturally, we begin with Peranakan cuisine, featuring the modern, thoughtful cooking of Chef Malcolm Lee at Candlenut (5-10 Aug, do note they are closed on 8 & 9 Aug). The prodigal couple of Petrina Loh and Bryan Chia, who have brought back Californian sunshine with them at Morsels (13-17 Aug) are followed by the inimitable Naked Finn, with its obsessive sourcing and handling of seafood (19-24 Aug). And of course we round off with the Singaporean heritage food of Chef Damian d’Silva at Immigrants Gastrobar (26-31 Aug).

We feel it’s very important to explain why we’re doing this, and in particular, why these restaurants. Just as we work directly and closely with every winegrower we represent, we do the same over here – eating regularly at the restaurants we supply, speaking with the chefs and restaurateurs, trying to understand their approach. We do this to ensure that the winegrowers can be proud of where their wines are being served, the restaurateurs have the right wines for their food, and most importantly, that guests have the best possible experience.

Nowhere do we feel this more strongly than with the four featured restaurants, each of which is independent and locally-owned. Individually, the restaurants are a distillation of the owner’s and/or chef’s personality, seemingly with nothing in common, but collectively, they represent the idea that there are real human beings behind every plate of food and every glass of wine. We are very, very proud to be working with these folks, and invite you to visit their restaurants this August.

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