Edmunds St. John

Steve Edmunds called Cornelia St. John from a payphone to ask her out on their first date, and their winery Edmunds St. John has stayed true to that sensibility ever since – traditional, frank and unafraid to take risks.

In another life, Steve Edmunds was a musician. He released his second album, “Singing to the Ghosts” in 2016. We think that some of the bluegrass-Americana vibe may come from strolling through the vineyards.

In 1985, Steve Edmunds and his wife Cornelia St. John made a nifty portmanteau of their surnames to christen their youngest child: a rented warehouse in west Berkeley. From this base, Steve traipses across Northern California putting his uncanny intuition for sourcing grapes to good use, as he identifies the best sites for the grapes he is interested in. Although Steve himself doesn’t own a single vineyard outright, he is constantly jamming around his chosen sites, especially during harvest.

As one of California’s “Rhône Rangers”, Steve’s wines bring Rhône varieties to the fore, and play around with giving a Californian expression to these southern French grapes. His heartland are classic Syrahs and Rhône blends (Châteauneuf-du-Pape-inspired), but more recently Steve is also branching out into Gamay and quirky white varieties. Put your hands together for the rock star who can bring you naturally elegant expressions of variety, vintage and California, from the Mediterranean-inflected «Heart of Gold» to the aromatic and minerally «Rocks & Gravel».

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