Weingut Weiser-Künstler

Konstantin Weis and Alexandra Künstler grew up in Franconia and Swabia respectively and first met at the Mosel, where their first vintage was born in 2005. Konstantin was previously working in the banking industry and had always drunk wines. Soon he decided he had no more passion to do banking work and he applied to study enology in the LVWO Weinsberg University in Baden-Wurttemberg. After the study he went to the Mosel so he could work in the vineyards, where he met his wife, Alexandra, who was a social worker spending much of her free time working in wine estates.

Since 2005, many critics have named them as one of the top producers in the Mosel. The couple complements each other perfectly, with Konstantin taking charge of the wine cellars as he has a background as a trained and qualified winegrower, and Alexandra focuses on managing the estate.

Their philosophy is transparent and straightforward, as the couple sees themselves as respectful companions rather than makers, and do not shy away from hard manual labour. They trust in the natural process, refraining from the usage of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in the growth of their ungrafted vines, and instead encourage livestock to thrive in their estate. Their organic wines are synonymous with the terms elegance, precision and sophistication.

The estate itself is quite small, with just 2.8 hectares, where the vines can date up to 100 years old, which leads to smaller, but more concentrated yields. They have 3 different vineyards: Enkircher Steffensberg, Enkircher Ellergrub and Trabener Gaispfad.

It was through Daniel (Daniel Vollenweider, of Weingut Vollenweider whom KOT also represent) that YiXin got to know the couple, as Daniel also previously interned with Konstantin. As Weiser-Künstler estate produces in limited quantities, YiXin actually has more of their wines in his personal collection than they do!

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