The “S” Collection

The “S” collection was built over the course of three decades, reflecting a distinguished art historian and curator’s evolving taste in music. The majority of the records came from the Kenyon College bookstore, between 1965 and 1969, and most of the rest came from E. J. Korvette, a store in Port Chester, New York.

The records have been lovingly kept and are thus in very good condition. Particular highlights include the first Velvet Underground record (with the Andy Warhol banana intact), a soul-satisfying selection of Aretha Franklin and Crosby, Stills and Nash’s eponymous debut album.

The collection was accessioned in winter 2013 via a gentleman’s barter, with YiXin sending some of his favourite wines to Mr. S in exchange for the records. They became acquainted over several long discussions about baking (specifically natural ferments) and eating (especially in Italy). Chambers Street Wines in New York, a paragon of wine retailing, facilitated the trade.